ZOOM CLASSES: Pizza, Pasta, Caponata, Biscotti, Sughi, Dolci.....

Because of these strange and uncertain times, I wanted to do something to bring a little joy into your homes through cooking. I have decided to take one of our most popular classes online starting on Monday 22nd June 2020 . In our first virtual workshop on together we will make Mariella Bliss’ Simple Pizza Margherita, I will then add more dates to explore together the world of bread making but also short sessions making Biscotti, Ricciarelli Toscani, Panforte di Siena, Caponata Siciliana, Parmigiana, Pannacotta and your favourite …pasta pasta pasta! 



The class will take place using Zoom. This will only be accessible by learners signed up to the class.

As soon as you book by clicking on the class link or by sending an email, you will be able to access the ingredients and equipment needed for your recipes. Closer to the date of our class I will send the full recipes with method and notes. You will also be sent a Zoom link to enable you access our lesson.                   

If you will be using Zoom for the first time, please don’t worry, just join a little earlier in case you willl be asked to download the program.

We will start the sessions with our sound and video on to introduce each other.

Once the teaching starts, you will be asked to turn the sound off to avoid background noise.

We will stop at each stage to allow questions.

Please make sure you have all your ingredients weighed.

Olive Focaccia and Tuscan Schiacciata with Grapes and Vin Santo

Sat 22nd Jan,  3-4.30pm  + Sun 23rd Jan 2022, 4.30-6.30pm GMT 

Two luxurious everyone’s favourite recipes: one savoury , one sweet: Grape Schiacciata (sweet flat bread in the picture) and Olive Focaccia !

At our first session you will make both doughs by hand,  using a mixture of a no-knead method and dough folding, chat about about slow fermentation, temperatures, enriched doughs and the importance of resting before baking. 

The day after, We will  shape and bake our breads ready to be shared with family and friends. 

We will go through different toppings, fillings and may be…attempt a ciabatta too! 

£ 40.00 per class, per household

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 For more details: email mariellabliss@gmail.com 



Pizza Margherita by hand!

2 sessions: Fri 4th Feb, 5-6pm + Sat 5th Feb 2022, 3.30-5.30pm  GMT

 As I am passionate about MY Neapolitan heritage I can’t wait to share it with you.

At our first session you will make the dough by hand using a mixture of a no-knead method and dough folding, chat about about slow fermentation, temperatures and the importance of resting before baking. 

 The day after We will make Neapolitan and Roman Pizza using the tools and the oven you own. 

 £ 35.00 per class, per household

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 For more details: email mariellabliss@gmail.com  



I also offer bespoke Zoom classes for a group of friends, a family gathering or team building activity.

You can cook-along with me, and sort dinner at the same time or just sit back and watch enjoying a glass of something special!

Min 4 people, £ 25 per household – 2 hour class. This price varies according to the number of participants and the type of class-

Here is the list of popular classes:

  • Fresh Pasta and a sauce: Tagliatelle
  • Fresh Pasta: Ravioli Marathon
  • Fresh Pasta of the Amalfi Coast: Lemon, Oranges and fresh herbs
  • Italian BreadsPizza (2 sessions)
  • Italian Breads: Focaccia. (2 Sessions)
  • Italian Breads: Brioche (2 Sessions)
  • Italian Breads: Sweet Focaccia with Grapes (2 Sessions)
  • Edible gifts: Biscuits of Italy (2 types)
  • Italian Dessert: Torta della Nonna (Custard Pie)
  • Italian Desserts: Tiramisu and Pannacotta
  • Italian Dessert: Ricotta and raspberry cake
  • Venetian Cicchetti and  Spritz 😉 : the Tapas of Italy !
  • For more information or theme suggestion, please email mariellabliss@gmail.com or call/text 07909525397