Most of our Christmas specialities are made in Oxford by us using only good quality and fair-trade ingredients like nuts and dried fruits. From October our kitchen smells of spices, nuts and honey, in November the house if full of ribbons, fabric and million of small baubles to decorate our work. In December we proudly wave our creations goodbye at our stalls and shops.

Here is the list of our handmade delicacies:

Panforte di Siena and Panpepato (Strong Bread or Peppery Bread): perhaps the oldest sweets of Italy dating back to Medieval times.  Panforte is a simple to make fruit cake containing only honey, nuts  and candied fruit, but complex  in its flavour due to the variety and the balance of spices: a small piece enjoyed with Vin Santo or an espresso is the way to go!

Cantucci , Amaretti, Ricciarelli, Susamelli, Celli: a variety of Italian sweets and biscotti wrapped and carefully labelled to give you enough information about our traditions.

Torrone dei Morti (Dead People Torrone): a typical  chocolate speciality of Naples in November, the month dedicated to All Souls festivities. This is one of our customer’s favourites…especially the pistachio version!

Panettone: imported from Italy and beautifully decorated by us.

Among all these specialities you will always find the product that makes us proud for its quality and taste because we invented it: Nocciolina, our hazelnut and honey spread with no additive or sugar added.